Treasures Tucked Into Books

I love finding other people’s notes and things tucked into the pages of books.

One of my favorites is from a book I inherited. It’s an old, torn-up book of Shakespeare’s collected works. The book itself is worth only a few bucks, but what’s inside is worth way more. You can read about it here.

Today I found a list tucked into the pages of a library book. It’s a brand new book so, possibly, the person who checked it out before me was the first one to check out the book, the first eyes to scan the pages.

The list is someone’s TO DO list, including what appears to be a list of items for a homemade gift.

Grandma – Scented Eye Pillow

-Flax Seeds

-Lavender (dried)

-Fabric (natural)

-Sewing needle

The person also planned to make an apple crisp. Maybe that was for Grandma as well.

I was going to throw the note away, doing my part to maintain the library and all that. But, instead, I put it back for the next person to find. It might become a journal entry for them about finding it or maybe just a reminder to write a letter to their own Grandma.

Guess what is going on my TO DO list now?


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