Adrian Peterson Confused for Adrian Peterson

The conversation that happens in the car on the way home from school is pretty much the same every day.

I ask how was your day and the response is never more than slightly left or right of good.

Then we turn on the radio or book on CD and tune in (or sometimes out) for the duration of the 30 minute drive home.

Today was different only in my reaction to their slightly-right-of-good response.

After telling me he finally remembered to bring home his calculator, Ben says, “Adrian Peterson came and spoke at our school today.” And he pulls out a 3×5 index card with an autograph on it.

Wait, what? THE Adrian Peterson? Oklahoma’s Adrian Peterson?! In Savannah?!!

Yes, he assures me and Ethan confirms.

Being long-time Oklahoma Sooner fans we had some talking to do.

Off goes the radio and out poured the questions. I had a few. Like how come the parents weren’t informed of this ahead of time? And invited to attend? And is he still there?

I called David. This was exciting!

I took the boys’ picture with the autographed index card and emailed it out to their dad and brothers. There were some bragging rights to claim after all.

Then I noticed the jersey number on the autographed card was #29. I looked it up – that wasn’t right. Who was #29?

Well, it turns out it wasn’t Sooner-turned-Viking Adrian Peterson, but instead Chicago’s Adrian Peterson. Which makes more sense because that Peterson went to Georgia Southern.

But you understand the confusion.

The bubble I was floating around in for an entire hour after school may have been busted but still, I was a Bears fan at one time (starting in 1986 probably) so it’s still cool.

And probably bigger news than remembering your calculator.

AP autograph