Cheez-Its in Utah


Every day I sign up to win a house in Utah.  Not just any house – The HGTV Dream Home 2012.  If I win I can choose the prizes which include the house, a car and some cash, or I can choose to just take cash.  OK, let’s think about this…

I’ve never been to Utah so I have no idea what it’s like there.  I know it’s cold.  Is it windy?  That makes a huge difference to me because I don’t like cold, I hate wind and when cold and wind combine it’s nearly intolerable. (So, what the heck am I still doing in Kansas?)  I looked up the town of Park City where the house is located and it looks like a pretty cool little town.  It has a bunch of cute little boutique shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.  It appears to be one of those places where you could just hang around all day and never get bored.

The house, of course, is huge.   It’s a Dream Home; it’s supposed to be huge.  Some of the past years homes I have gagged my way through the decoration choices on the virtual tour but this house I actually like most of it.  There are just a couple chandeliers that I thought belonged in a Moose Lodge but never in a house.  It’s laid out pretty well and the best part: there are only three bedrooms.  This means that as long as I have kids living under my roof there is no room for relatives.  OK, I’m just kidding.  Maybe that’s not the best part.

There is that little problem of having to move to Utah if I chose the prizes.   But then I think, “Is that really a problem?”  The more I think about it, the more I kind of like the idea.  Of course I’m relating it to having a cabin on a lake or in the mountains somewhere that I could escape to, like the Stephen King wannabe that I am, and spend days on end writing the next bestseller with my trusty dog at my feet and empty boxes of Cheez-Its littering my desk.  Do you think they have Cheez-Its  in Utah?