The Airplane

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The plane.
This is the quietest flight I think I’ve ever been on. I saw children and infants board but I haven’t heard a peep from the back since they walked past me. Maybe they all drifted to sleep.

The first class cabin certainly has its perks but I’m not sure this warm, slightly melted Twix candy bar is one of them. Better than no Twix candy bar? I suppose. At least I didn’t have to pay for it.
Why does it always seem to get cold once we are in the air? Don’t they have temperature regulators on these big birds? Ya, I know, quit complaining about the free flight with the free first class upgrade with the free slightly melted Twix. As DH often says, I’d complain if were hung with a new rope. I’ve got to stop being so predictable.
Where is this flight taking me? To Atlanta, then on to Savannah, obviously. But it goes further than that. Discovery maybe. Discovery of a place I’ve never been and, I’m sure, of a culture I’ve never experienced. Discovery of the place DH now lives part-time. Discovery of understanding. Hopefully two-way understanding. There are doors that need opened. And possibly closed. But let’s get the plane on the ground first.

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