She Was Just “Differnt”

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

She Was Just “Differnt”

I have this little trinket. It sits among other miscellaneous trinkets in my purse. It is my toothpick holder and it holds more than toothpicks, it holds a story….

I bought this little wooden toothpick holder years ago in my hometown, the name of which is printed on the side in “touristy-type” writing – Torrington, Wyoming.

I don’t remember why I was back in Torrington but I was downtown one day doing some reminiscing that I called shopping. When I ran across this tourist gift trinket I knew I had to have it.

I spent most of my formative years gleaning little tidbits from my stern, correct-your-grammar, wrinkly-faced grandmother. She carried one of these little wooden toothpick holders in her purse. It looked just like mine – little cylindrical cedar tube with a wooden stopper. I don’t remember if hers had any writing on it but, now that I look at mine, hers just might have originally and wore off over time like mine is doing. She always had to have a toothpick after she finished a meal and they were always close at hand in her little wooden holder.

Toothpicks were somewhat precious to my grandmother, who by the way had all her own teeth when she died. I remember her being a little prickly when someone asked to borrow one of her toothpicks. A piece of gum, no problem. A calculator, she always had one of those too. But asking for one of her toothpicks was like asking for her last toothpick.

My grandmother’s toothpicks were not ordinary round toothpicks either. No, she preferred the flat ones; said they got between her teeth better. She was a practical woman if nothing else. Why fight with a round toothpick if you can’t get it between your teeth?

Every time I see my little wooden toothpick holder in my purse I am reminded of many of my grandmother’s eccentricities. She was fantastically eccentric. She would say she was just “differnt.” And she was just OK with that. In fact, I think she preferred it.

I think tomorrow I am going to buy some flat toothpicks to go in my Torrington toothpick holder.

I miss you, Marcie. You are forever in my toothpick holder.


Savannah…Smooth. Sultry. Stogies.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Savannah…Smooth. Sultry. Stogies.

Savannah will always be the place where I saw my first jellyfish, took my first ride on a water taxi, and smoked my first cigar. (The jellyfish was actually at Hilton Head, but same trip.)

Savannah is an old city with a lot of history. The feeling there is one of the most relaxed, non-hurried, mellow cities I’ve ever visited. The patio seating, cigar shops, park benches, outdoor music and rooftop bar settings invite you to stay awhile, hang out, put your watch away and just go with it. Spend some time there and you’ll likely meet a new friend, see something unexpected, and most definitely sweat a little. Or a lot.
There’s a sense of secrets that are understood but rarely talked about; a history not completely told. If only the moss-covered trees could talk, I’m sure they’d tell stories that would make you laugh, maybe cry, give you the greatest picture of how things really were & how they are. And most definitely make you want to hang around awhile or visit again very soon.

The Lav

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The airplane lavatory. Oh my…I just confirmed my icky feeling for airplane lavatories.

I seriously think airplane bathrooms are worse than Porta Potties. What do hugely obese people do? How do they fit in there? That bathroom is literally two feet wide! So don’t even think about raising your arms while you’re in there.
And it’s pretty obvious that people don’t sit ON the seat, but instead hover OVER the seat and possibly just squat “somewhere” in the small rectangular space because, not only is the seat completely drenched but, so is the floor!! I felt the need to wipe my feet when I stepped out…and I did. 🙂
Apparently, though, I made the decision to brave the plane potty just in time because when I came back to my seat the “stay seated with your seat belt securely fastened, we are entering turbulence” announcement was made. Whew…no pee pee dance in my overpriced, butt-cheek-to-butt-cheek-with-your-neighbor airplane seat.
And, in case you forget, the flight attendants are quick to remind passengers that disabling, tampering with or destroying lavatory smoke detectors will get your butt thrown off the plane!

The Airplane

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The plane.
This is the quietest flight I think I’ve ever been on. I saw children and infants board but I haven’t heard a peep from the back since they walked past me. Maybe they all drifted to sleep.

The first class cabin certainly has its perks but I’m not sure this warm, slightly melted Twix candy bar is one of them. Better than no Twix candy bar? I suppose. At least I didn’t have to pay for it.
Why does it always seem to get cold once we are in the air? Don’t they have temperature regulators on these big birds? Ya, I know, quit complaining about the free flight with the free first class upgrade with the free slightly melted Twix. As DH often says, I’d complain if were hung with a new rope. I’ve got to stop being so predictable.
Where is this flight taking me? To Atlanta, then on to Savannah, obviously. But it goes further than that. Discovery maybe. Discovery of a place I’ve never been and, I’m sure, of a culture I’ve never experienced. Discovery of the place DH now lives part-time. Discovery of understanding. Hopefully two-way understanding. There are doors that need opened. And possibly closed. But let’s get the plane on the ground first.

The Airport

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


People watching in an airport…something frequent fliers just no longer do. They miss all the great wonders of people, from the subtlest things to the flamboyant. So many different kinds of people and yet there are some just like us. I suspect there to be one, at least one, that could be my identical twin. Maybe not in looks but in everything else – preferences, habits, inhibitions, dreams and expectations.
There are those weary travelers just looking to get to their destination, passing the time reading their Wall Street Journal or playing solitaire on their iPad. Then there are those who look forward to the destination but thoroughly enjoy the journey, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells the experience has to offer.
Too many hair colors to count, too many different brands of shoes. Some wild, crazy styles of hair, clothes and travel bags. And some of each of those that look as if they are older than the person sporting them.
Some look lonely, like they wish they had someone to talk to. Some look perfectly content to not be bothered by a soul. Some people hold conversations loud enough for the whole airport to hear. And maybe that’s what they want

City or Country

Thursday, April 14, 2011

City or Country

If you had to choose between living in the heart of a big city or out in the country, which would you choose? and why?

Without question, I would choose out in the country…but close to a big city. Country is quiet when you want quiet. Country is your own space when you want space. Country next to big city is convenient when you want convenience.
And you can’t see the stars in the sky at night when you’re in the city.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What was your favorite book as a child…

….and why?
Cinderella. I knew the words by heart. I was fascinated by the story of a poor girl turned princess, rescued by her prince.
Right now, more than when I was a child, I can relate to the loneliness Cinderella felt. She could only share her feelings with the animals around her; her only friends. Were the animals attracted to her somehow or did they just happen to be there?
There’s mystery with the glass slipper – whose foot will it fit? Only the one who belongs with the prince. Only she will do. She alone captured his heart.
Cinderellas first night with her prince was magical. But their time together was limited. Neither was ready to part when their time was up. The pain of her sudden departure was more than he was willing to accept so he went looking for her; the love of his life. Sadness overwhelmed her. Her dream-come-true had ended … or so she thought.
Fate brought them together. Love binds them for eternity.